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Duo Circular Lotus Diamond Earrings

₹ 34,462 ₹ 38,896
Save : 4434

Mackenzie Stud Diamond Earrings

₹ 18,431 ₹ 20,965
Save : 2534

Utopian Heart Diamond Sui Dhaga Earrings

₹ 79,924 ₹ 85,996
Save : 6072

Phyllon Diamond Drop Earrings

₹ 17,478 ₹ 20,692
Save : 3214

Cornelius Men's Hoop Earrings

₹ 18,316 ₹ 20,989
Save : 2673

Water Lily Diamond Earrings

₹ 19,065 ₹ 22,016
Save : 2951

The Jalsa Diamond Earrings

₹ 14,739 ₹ 16,284
Save : 1545

La Petunia Diamond Sui Dhaga Earrings

₹ 8,266 ₹ 10,738
Save : 2472

Stand Out Diamond Hoop Earrings

₹ 41,830 ₹ 47,114
Save : 5284

Jay Diamond Stud Earring

₹ 21,665 ₹ 24,044
Save : 2379

Bellflower Diamond Drop Earrings

₹ 26,961 ₹ 30,005
Save : 3044

Emily Diamond Earrings

₹ 41,344 ₹ 45,083
Save : 3739

Trio Line Diamond Earrings

₹ 39,874 ₹ 43,660
Save : 3786

Shield Diamond Earrings

₹ 96,393 ₹ 101,337
Save : 4944

Becca Diamond Hoop Earrings

₹ 19,266 ₹ 21,568
Save : 2302

Cute Heart Diamond Earrings

₹ 7,360 ₹ 9,369
Save : 2009

Shinning Clover Diamond Stud Earrings

₹ 129,345 ₹ 138,878
Save : 9533

Fuscia Diamond Earrings

₹ 35,431 ₹ 38,598
Save : 3167

Twirling Dezzels Diamond Sui Dhaga Earrings

₹ 34,469 ₹ 39,815
Save : 5346

Ekta Diamond Earrings

₹ 39,988 ₹ 44,175
Save : 4187

Delicate Rose Diamond Earrings

₹ 9,101 ₹ 11,589
Save : 2488

Oval Galaxy Diamond Earrings

₹ 25,574 ₹ 28,108
Save : 2534

Paw Kids Diamond Earring

₹ 16,357 ₹ 21,317
Save : 4960

Bruce Diamond Earring For Men

₹ 15,168 ₹ 16,975
Save : 1807
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Serene Diamond Stud Earrings

₹ 39,714 (₹ 41,583)

Save ₹ 1869

Triya Diamond Earrings

₹ 64,713 (₹ 69,719)

Save ₹ 5006

Las Flores Diamond Sui Dhaga Earrings

₹ 8,668 (₹ 11,156)

Save ₹ 2488

Fine Heart Drop Diamond Earrings

₹ 90,868 (₹ 95,580)

Save ₹ 4712

Classic Round Diamond Earrings

₹ 56,815 (₹ 60,167)

Save ₹ 3352

Avery Diamond Drop Earrings

₹ 9,464 (₹ 11,379)

Save ₹ 1915

Leofe Diamond Earrings

₹ 25,170 (₹ 28,863)

Save ₹ 3693

Bhagyasri Diamond Earrings

₹ 15,552 (₹ 17,761)

Save ₹ 2209

Dual Fleur Diamond Earrings

₹ 15,762 (₹ 19,949)

Save ₹ 4187

Eight Shape Diamond Earrings

₹ 60,207 (₹ 63,837)

Save ₹ 3630

Round Cluster Diamond Earrings

₹ 35,509 (₹ 37,178)

Save ₹ 1669

Claude Diamond Studs For Men

₹ 12,952 (₹ 14,791)

Save ₹ 1839

Cute Heart Diamond Earrings

₹ 7,360 (₹ 9,369)

Save ₹ 2009

Fabulous Fleur Diamond Sui Dhaga Earrings

₹ 18,868 (₹ 22,344)

Save ₹ 3476

Pari Fancy Diamond Stud Earrings

₹ 51,193 (₹ 54,098)

Save ₹ 2905

The Lily Diamond Earrings

₹ 37,821 (₹ 40,555)

Save ₹ 2734

Pear Journey Drop Diamond Earrings

₹ 26,607 (₹ 29,264)

Save ₹ 2657

Bellflower Diamond Drop Earrings

₹ 26,961 (₹ 30,005)

Save ₹ 3044

Akriti Dome Diamond Earrings

₹ 82,688 (₹ 86,829)

Save ₹ 4141

Trisha Diamond Earrings With An Unique Style

₹ 246,361 (₹ 267,944)

Save ₹ 21583

Dicentra Drop Diamond Earrings

₹ 20,916 (₹ 23,898)

Save ₹ 2982

Skylar Drop Diamond Earrings

₹ 37,256 (₹ 39,017)

Save ₹ 1761

Harper Diamond Drop Earrings

₹ 18,846 (₹ 21,102)

Save ₹ 2256

Megha Diamond Stud Earrings

₹ 26,677 (₹ 28,222)

Save ₹ 1545

Earrings have always been an expression of a woman's style and taste. They come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. You can wear earrings to enhance your best features. And create a more dramatic effect that will make you look like an entirely new person. Whether you wear them to go out, to office work, or for a date that makes you stand out, you cannot go wrong with earrings. Different styles of earrings designs come in different shapes and designs. The types of earrings are stud, cuff, hoop, sui-dhaga, drop, jhumka, or a pair of earrings.

Types Of Earrings 

At Perrian, you can find the most up-to-date assortment of earrings in a variety of metals, including yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold, with or without diamonds.

Stud Earring

A stud is an earring with a post that is used to secure it into someone's ear. It is the simplest, least expensive type of earring to purchase, and it is also one of the most versatile. They are often worn for more formal occasions where larger or more showy earrings would not be appropriate.

Stud earrings range from very small, like a bead or pearl, to large buttons with bold designs and colors. Stud earrings are the most common type of earrings, worn by both men and women.

Their size is usually tiny and they can be made out of gold, silver, and other precious metals, and engraved with diamond or ruby stones. Whenever you want to go for a more subtle look, you can wear studs. They are great for wearing when you are out with your friends or also it is a consideration in office wear jewellery. The Stud diamond earring design is mounted on a post that passes through the earlobe and is secured with a pin from the back. 

Diamond Stud Earrings

Diamond stud earrings are one of the most fashionable earrings for those who want to wear earrings on a daily basis. It is usually available mostly in a single diamond or two or three diamonds, but they all come in small sizes and fit over the earlobes. Stud earrings are simple to wear and lightweight, so they wouldn't feel heavy on the earlobe, which is why most ladies choose diamond stud earrings.

Drop Earrings

Drop earrings are the most popular earring after stud. They hang from the earlobe and are hollow on the inside. They come in droplets, ovals, or ball shapes and can be made of yellow gold, silver or other precious metal. It's one of the most popular kinds of earrings. And, it looks awesome for any type of occasion whether you wear it to a festival, pooja, engagement, or wedding.

Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings are a round piece of jewellery that has a thin metal wire attached to them. They are useful when you want a more glamorous look. You can wear them to office work or to a party, and they will look great on you. Hoops can be made in different sizes, and they all have different looks. Smaller hoop earrings, as opposed to large round hoop earrings, can be more stylish. Perrian offers exclusive designs to customers under Hoops earrings. 

Jhumka Earrings

Jhumka gold earrings are a type of earring made especially in India. Indian Jhumkas are great for wearing with Indian wedding jewellery and most consider to wear by bridal that is most reason bridal gold jhumka is more in demand. Traditional jhumkas are often made with beads or diamonds and have attractive designs on them. jhumkas usually come in round, dome, or bell-shaped designs, and pattern work with bigger studs. Girls wear them to attend festivals, traditional parties, and wedding times.

Sui Dhaga Earrings

Sui Dhaga earrings are unique, traditional style of earring found in India that has a chain with a hook that loops over the ear. These are mostly worn by women in South India, and they are usually decorated with diamonds. In some cultures, these earrings become part of the bridal jewellery set that married women use to wear. Perrian Sui dhaga earring collection is a perfect jewellery gift for someone who loves the culture of South India.         

Chandbali Earrings

Chandbali is a traditional style of earring found in India, usually worn by women. Chandbali gold earrings are in demand and in trend since their introduction in the market. Chandbali is usually decorated with stones like diamonds or pearls and made from yellow gold. This earring is inspired by the concept of the "Half-moon". Chand Bali is perfect for wedding ceremonies and any traditional festival in India. Our Chandbali collection earrings come in beautiful designs and bright colors of diamonds. 

Front and Back Earrings

Front & Back earrings are one of the most common earrings worn by females when they want to wear a unique one. This ornament comes in medium size usually and are worn over the front and back of the earlobe. This one is a great accessory to make your look trendy and fashionable. Our back it-up collection is filled with a variety of choices of diamond jewellery. 

Mismatch Earrings

Mismatched earrings are fascinating ornaments and are trending at the moment. This earring is different from each other, which means one side earring of the same set is separate from the other earring in terms of design and color. For example, one ear star shape and another ear moon shape. This jewel is also good at unifying the whole wardrobe by giving a different look to different outfits. This earring comes in a variety of choice of color combinations and designs.

Earring for Men

When it comes to men's earrings, the options are just as abundant. Men can choose from long and pointed to an earring from a simple stud that matches the outfit of men. They also come in a huge variety of metals, including silver, gold and titanium. Men mostly wear single stud earrings, particularly in their left ear, as a symbol of courage. One of the most common types of men's earrings is the stud, which can be worn on any occasion. Men can also choose to wear hoop earrings, which are quite common amongst rappers and hip-hop artists.